What Is WebPage

What Is WebPage
      1. A WebPage Is Combination Of Html Tages
      2. A WebPage Containt Html Tages,Hyper Links ,Media files, And Text 
      3. Any WebPage Excuted By Web Browser Software Programe
        1. <Html></Html>:- The Root Tage Of All Other Tage Of Every Valid Html Document
        2. <Head></Head>:-This Is Top Most Child Of Html Tage That is Used For Define Html Page Details like Meta Description (Details about Web Page Help Improved SEO) and Declaire InterNal Css And Java Script Links Or There Codes
        3. <Body></Body>:-This This Tage Used For Write Actual Content That To Be Show On WebPage ,And It Is Second Most Child Element OF Root Html Tage
        4. ex:-
           <script> </script>
           <style> </style>
          <h1>Welcome To Html Demo Page</h1>
          <P>This Is Demo Page </P>

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