Do you know what's different between localhost and webhost

1). Localhost:-
                 When webserver and web client (browser is known as client) are on same machine and no internet connection  need to run our website.
   Just need web server that to be install locally and deployment website on localhost(deployment website on ii's my previous blog) .that web server is known as localhost
Webserver example:- Apache,tomcat,ii's etc
Note:-  visual studio and xammp and myeclips are ids(integrated development environments)

2). webhost:-
                 When our webserver is placed on other locations (different computer) and client is available on other computer and when we published website on webserver and need to consume it ....first required resources is internet become both are in different locations so that time webserver is known as webhost (when web server and browser are on dirrent location pc)
Note:- for hosting website on web host has several process like
A).register domain name
B).purchase hosting space
C).copy name server of hosting space provider Webster into your website DNS (domain name system) and  replace it if hosting space and domain name provide by different company or provider otherwise no need to change it

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