What Is Html

What is Html

1.     Html Stand For HyperText MarkUp Language.Its Contains Tag  (Tag  is Combination Of  "<" and ">" and Text With in That Sysmbol

2.      Any Think Within the Pair of Angular Braces Called Tag  Name And The Tag  Does Not Show In Browser Output Only Show There Output Resulting of  Executed Code By Browser

3.     An Html Is Not A Case Sensitive Language

4.     Html Is A Client Side Scripting Language

5.     For Execute Any Html Need a Special Type Of Software Know As Web Browser

6.     There Are  Two Type Of Tag’s
1.     Pair Tag or Container Tag
(This Tag  Contain Any Other Tag s Hyper Media Or Text With In It) ex:- <html></html>,<body></body>,<div></div> , <div> Hello</div> <span>How are You</span>
2.     Empty Set Tag s or Inline Tag s
(This Tag  Can't Contain Any Think So it’s Called Empty Tag ) ex:- <link/>,<hr /> etc

7.     Browser Can Only Support Html ,CSS ,JavaScript (Client Side Language That Not Required Any Web Server)

8.     So Html Is A Client Side Language Because it doesn’t required any specific web server Like IIS ,Apache etc

9.      The First Success Full Html Document Created And Run on Internet By “Tim burn lee”

10. if You try To run any server side code Like .Asp page,php Page or Jsp Page Browser Download It without execute it Because Browser Doest have capacity to execute Server side code (its Required Specific Server)

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