How to Deploy a Website On LocalIIS on Local Machine

Step 1:-
1).Open Visual Studio And Run Under Administrator Mode
2).Select Project And Open Project
3).Right Click On Project That To Be deployed
4).Chose The Property Mene From List That To Be Opened a New Window Is Opened
5).Select Web option From Opened New Window
6).Select Web Option
7).With in Web Tabe Under Server Portion , Select check Box That Content Text(Apply server setting To all Users stored In Project     File )
8).select Type Of server(LocalIIS) from Drop Down list OF servers
9).Afer Selecting Drop Down There is Textbox that autometic fill project Localhost Path Like(http://localhost/PowerHMS)
10).and Click On Create Virtual Directory Button

Step 2:-
The Now Open Local IIS
1)Open Run Window (Press Two Key Together,{Window Key+R}) or start and select search and select (IIS)
2)click Ok button There are IIS Panel Is Opened
3)Under The Server There Are Meneu Ites "Sites" Please Select Is
4).Right Click On Sites Option and Choose Option Add New WebSite
5).There Are A "Add Website" Popup Window Opened
6).Write Site Name And Choose Physical Path
7)And Select Authentication Type and Varify or Test Setting by clicking On Button One By one as Writen Order
8)Under The Bindin Type Write Local System Static IP
8) And Finaly Click On Ok Button

Step 3:-
Now we Are Going To Publish Website After Basic Setting
For LocalIIS Hosting we Are follows basic  steps are as Follows
1).Right Click On Project and Select Publish Option
2).For Publish LocalIIS We Select Deploy Profile if exists Other Wise Creat New On
3).For Creating New One We Are Going To set Local server Name (There Is Http://LocalHost)
4).Write site Name (There Is PowerHMS)
5).Write Site Path (There Is Http://Localhost/PowerHMS)
6).Setting Deployement Like(delete Existing File Etc)
7).Final Click OK And Publish Button

There are Your Site Is Finally Publish You Can  Check Or Test Using site Url That to be write while Pulishing Website

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