1. What is CMS and what is advantage and disadvantage of CMS explain
  2. Explain installation process of word press with example

  1. Explain how to embed video in word press blog with example and write the   
Step of it.
  1. Explain, from SEO point of view is word press point of view is word press Helpful? Will it show the website on Google?


  1. How to create a  Contact from in word press explain with example and also write its steps
  2. What is Difference Between Post and Page

  1. what is use of word press explain in detail
  2. what is word press plug-in explain deference way of installation of plug-in in word press  

  1. how to create slider in word press explain in detail with steps
  2. are there any limitation in word press website explain otherwise explain power of word press

  1. what is prefix of word press database tables and how many word press   default table created and how can change password in word press if forget write steps
  2. what is dashboard in word press  explain management of dashboard and write steps of it

  1. how to change layout of word press website and explain how to customize word press theme explain with steps
  2. what are the currant version of word press

  1. what is page in word press and how to create pages in word press and write steps for create a about us page in word press with including a image
  2. explain feature of word press and scope area of word press

  1. what is menu in word press explain and how to create menu in word press and also explain the steps of creating drop down menu in word press and which element use in word press website as a menu
  2. what is short code explain it and also write use of short code

  1. explain steps of editing the existing CSS in word press for manual customization in word press coding
  2. what Is comments in word press and also explain how to add images in gallery

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