How To Create Project In MVC

How To Create Project In


1) .First Your Need Go to Start Button and Select Visual studio (Here I am Using VS2017) You Can         select your visual studio version That you install in your syste and support mvc 

2). And There A Visual Studio Window Open Now You Can Goto File Menu And Select  menu
      File->New->Proejct As Show in Diagrame

3).  Now You Need To Select Project Type and Add Project Name , Project Location And Solution Name Etc Project Related Setting From Web Section Of Project type category of visual studio

      Note:- Now You Need to Write Such setting  And select Web Application Type(.Net                           Framework) from  Web application Types

4). Next Level Click Ok Button There are Show Other Sub Part of Web Application From There                Chose MVC Type by Click on MVC Icon , Then select Change Authenticate Button               There Are show new pop up window There are some option like NO Authentication, Indivisual           Authentication etc (no Authentication mean not default Authentication is Selected and Indivisual         User authentication Means Default provide authentications)

 then Click on ok button authentication window disappear and finally click on Project ype window ok button to finally select Project Type "MVC"

5).Now We have Show Over Default Content Of MVC Website with some html css ,controller ,View 

6). Next Go To Open Root Web The Config File If you Want to change Default Connection string           Project name and server name id password

7). Next is To Modified Connection String Into Web The Config which are located into configuration       element

8). Now Go to SQL Server Management Studion(SSMS) type into start menu Search

9). Now Enter Your Sql Server Credential And Login Into Sql  Then View The Sql Server Fasility           And Project LIst 

10.) Now Refresh Database Check Same Name of Database or Not If Exist Remove DataBase Or 
        Setup New Database Name Into Web.config File Of Visual Studio 

       Note : Basically Solution Is Used For One Or More Inter related Project Colletion Like Project                      Of  Web Ecommerce and Other of Api Project Of E commerce

13). Now you Can Run Your Project In Debug mode  there are one more option Release Mode                   (Basically Used For Finally Release Of Product or Project For live or Host For Real World Use

14). Now As Per Your Choise A Server Lounch Your Site into Perticular Web Browser

   Here Localhost Show You That Your webserver And Browser Both Are on Same Server 

In Next Session We Will Show You How To Create ,Controller, Model ,Action Method ,View Etc 
And Also Define How TO Add Entity Framework , How To Use It 

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