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Online Employee Management System


Sigmatech Info. Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur
Guided by:-                 Submitted by:-
Mr. Manish Mathur             Rituraj Vaishnav
Asst. Prof., Department of IT                                                           (11csqxx636,SIT)

This is to certify that the dissertation/project report entitled “Online Employee Management System” is done by me is an authentic work carried out for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of  MCA under the guidance of Satish Malhotra . The matter embodied in this project work has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Rituraj  Vaishnav
Sigmatech Info. Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur


This is to certify that work, which is being presented in the project entitled “Online Employee Management System” submitted by undersigned students of final year MCA in partial fulfillment for award of degree of Master of Computer Application is a record of our own work carried out by us under guidance and supervision of Mr. Manish Mathur, Asst. Prof., Department of IT.

This work has not submitted elsewhere for award of any other degree.

Date:               Name & Signature of student
Place: Shekhawati College, Sikar                        Rituraj Vaishnav
Roll No. 11CSQXX636


The satisfaction that accompanies that the successful completion of any task would  be incomplete without the mention of people whose ceaseless cooperation made  it possible, whose constant guidance and encouragement crown all efforts with success.
We are grateful to our project guide Mr. Manish Mathur for the guidance, inspiration and constructive suggestions that helpful us in the preparation of this project.

We also thank our colleagues who have helped in successful completion of the project.

Rituraj Vaishnav

  1. Table of content
  2. Company’s Profile
  3. Introduction
  4. Objectives and Scope
  5. System Analysis
      1. Identification of Need
      2. Preliminary Investigation
  6. Feasibility Study
      1. Operational Feasibility Study
      2. Technical Feasibility
      3. Economic Feasibility
  7. Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
      1. Software Requirement Specification Document
        1. Introduction
        2. Design Constraints
      2. Technology Used
        1. .Net
        2. HTML
        3. CSS
        4. Java Script

  8. Diagrams
      1. Block Diagram
      2. Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
      3. E-R Diagram
      4. Class Diagram
  9. User Interface
  10. Coding
  11. Validation Checks
  12. Implementation
  13. Maintenance
  14. Software Testing
  15. Conclusion
  16. Bibliography
Company’s Profile

Sigmatech Info. Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur

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we are committed to provide defect free software products conforming to customer requirements on time by complying with the requirements of our quality management system and continuously improving its effectiveness through management reviews of the quality objectives.

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  • Components and frameworks
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  • Architectural methodology
Apart from the systematic approach of the development, we have all specific processes and life cycle for software testing which include
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Designing of either web or print media both require imagination and creativity. We at Sigmatech, have highly skilled and creative designers to design your requirement either for web or print media. With all latest tools and technologies like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator and other, we develop designs for our client up to the mark.
Chapter 1:
Online Employee Management System (EMS), The goal of this project was to work with the Employee Management to automate processes and improve efficiency for the organization. This was accomplished by creating a Web based employee management system. While discussions began around the desire to improve the scheduling algorithm the project focus evolved into the creation of a complete system for managing many data maintenance and workflow operations. Those employee management tasks that we selected to integrate in the system included: employee profiles, electronic timesheets, employee performance reviews, and the hiring process. Early phases of the project began with the research and evaluation of a variety of Web technologies and comparing their capabilities with our system, security, functional, and user interface requirements. Application development work included working with Many Techniques. Our analysis, design, and implementation procedures and outcomes are detailed throughout this document. The web pages work as interface between EMS and users to generate the following information:
The system should be:
1. Secure.
2. The system should be able to provide a list of the employees, the times they                       worked, the tasks they have been doing etc.
3. The system must be able to list what is currently position of department.
4. The system must provide easy access to employees’ details (name, id number, employee number, address).
5. Employee Attendance System
The overall work of EMS system is done by the administrator.

Problem analysis:
  • From discussion of problem, we finally concluded that we need a system, which provide us a proper management of Stock and facility of print Invoice. We also come to know that network connectivity with Central Database Management System is essential requirement to maintain the updated information.
  • After understanding the complete problem, our team proposed to develop software named as Invoice Printing System (IPS).

Chapter 2:
Objectives and Scope

This topic revel the purpose of this project it tells which works or tasks will be fulfilled by the project or software. The following are the objectives of the “EMS”
  • This project is made for one of the big Sigmatech Info. Pvt ltd. in Jaipur, they Provide the software Development and web Development and other equipment for Software Development. The Addition, SIGMATECH is a leading software Training & Development Centre in Jaipur (Rajasthan) India providing, Internship, Industrial Training, Android n I-Phone Training & development, outsourcing software development India, web development India, Java, Oracle training, Software training development, .net Training & development India, PHP Training & Development, Software Training & Development, Website Design and Development. .
  • It provides less paper works in respect of manual working. As the number of files and register required maintaining the information are less; and these files are stored on disks.
  • Information is processed and delivered in time without any delay to the management so that the relevant decision can be made quickly.
  • It is more economical because of less manpower. This system requires one time investment for hardware and software.
  • It maintains the accuracy and efficiency of working in the current system.
  • This system is more reliable compare to the existing present system.
  • And Provide more secure data
Chapter 3:
System Analysis

Analysis is very important phase of any software development. Analysis is the process of gathering and interpreting facts, diagnostics problems and using the information to design the system. It specifies what the system should do. Analysis is a procedure in which conducts a study identifies activities and objective and determines a procedure to achieve the objectives. Analysis is a management technique, which helps us in designing a new system.
  • Identification of Need
Identification of need is the basic step in software development. Before starting to develop any software, it must to known the need of the software i.e. the purpose of developing that software. Projects are initiative for different reasons.
This topic reveals the basic introduction of the proposed system. This topic speaks about the subject matter of the project and tells for what the project is made and how it will work and contribute to the present system.
The reasons behind need of development of EMS are:
  • Capability:
(1) Improved Processing Speed: Invoice Printing System activities require improved processing speed of transaction so as to increase throughput.
(2) Handle High Volume of data: Invoice Printing System provides capacity to perform large amount of transactions on large amount of record.
(3) Faster Information Retrieval: Locating and retrieving information from storage becomes faster with the use of Invoice Printing System.
(B) Control: The Employee Management System provides greater accuracy and consistency in performing various Employee Management Process.
(C) Reduce Costs: Employee Management System is a system, which performs transaction in a fast and easy manner. Invoice Printing System reduces manpower requirement so ultimate effect is reduced cost.
(D) Competitiveness: In competitive environment, organization requires to perform transactions fast, by getting accurate information, so that Organization can take decision quickly.

  • Preliminary Investigation
Investigation is the first step in defining the basis for the project development. In investigation information is collected that helps programmer or developer to evaluate the merits of the project request. It is the first way to interact with the user of the proposed system. This determines the feasibility of the system.
Use of preliminary investigation
  • The investigation provides costs and benefits of alternative approaches.
  • It clarifies and makes understand the project request.
  • It determines the size of the project.
  • Investigation defines the problem and the details of the problem.
  • The significance of the problem is also noted in Investigation.
  • The solution according to the user is noted in Investigation.
  • The contribution or help of the information system is also clarifying.
  • The present working procedure is studied in investigation.
Feasibility Study
Feasibility is the determination of whether or not project is worth doing. The process followed in making this determination is called feasibility study. The contents and recommendation of such a study will be used as a sound basis for deciding whether to proceed, postpone or cancel the project. The most important feasibility that is studied by me about the Invoice Printing System is operational feasibility, technical feasibility, and economic feasibility.

  • Operational Feasibility Study:
In operational feasibility we determine that proposed projects are beneficial only if they can be turned into information systems that will meet the operating requirements of the organization. This test of feasibility asks if the system will work when it is developed and installed, are there major barriers to implementation.
Following are the some of the important issues of the operational feasibility that are in favor of system are given below.
The Employee Managment System is operationally feasible because it can be turned into a system that will meet the operating requirement of an organization. The Invoice Printing System are if developed and installed will make the working of organization process fast and manage the stock quantity. This system does not cause harm and the performance of staff will increase due to fast and reliable transaction service. It provides simple and interactive interface due to GUI Environment.

EMS is operational feasible because of the following reasons-

  • This system provides easy GUI, which is convenient for all employees even for those who do not know computer.
  • It provides facility of managing stock item easily and efficiently, as well as it also manipulates information as needed.
  • After implementing this system firm will reduce paper work.
Technical Feasibility:
These are number of technical issues, which are generally raised during the feasibility stage of the investigation. Does the necessary technology exist to do what is suggested?  Does the present Equipment’s have the technical capacity to hold the data required to use the new system? Can the system be upgraded? Is there a need of changing equipment?
In technical feasibility I specify the equipment and software that will be needed to satisfy the user requirements. The technical needs for Invoice Printing System are-

  • Response time should be under certain conditions.
  • The system should be able to process a certain volume of transaction at a particular speed.
  • The Invoice Printing System can be updated if developed.
  • It should produce the output in given time and in the desired format.
  • The system provides the technical guarantee of accuracy, reliability, easy access and data security.
In examining technical feasibility of the Invoice Printing System I gave more importance to the configuration of the proposed system as the configuration gives the complete picture about the system’s requirements i.e. what speed of input and output should be achieved at particular quality of printing.
The Invoice Printing System project needs specific hardware and software products that can be evaluated keeping in view with the logical needs. This project involves the following technical issues-
  • End user/staff of EMS must have knowledge of basic computer operation and graphical user interface.
  • Operating system should be windows versions.
  • Required Processor in Pentium of any series or Celeron.
  • The front End language should be
  • The Back End Language is MS-SQL sever2008.

3. Economic Feasibility:
Economic Feasibility of the project is the main consideration before developing it. The cost incurred in the development work is estimated here. It is the most frequently used technique for evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed system. For economic study we perform the cost/benefit analysis. Here the benefits and savings that are expected from a proposed system are determined and compared with the cost of the project.
In Economic feasibility if benefits are more than the costs, the system is implemented. This feasibility considers the following aspects:
  • Cost of Hardware
  • Cost of Software
  • Working Cost
Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
The Software Requirement Specification is document that completely describes what the proposed software should do without describing the how software will do it. The requirements for the system that will satisfy the needs of the clients and the concerns of the users have to be communicated to the developer. The problem is that the client usually does not understand the software and software development process, and the developer does not understand the client problem and the application area. This cause a communication gap between the parties involved in the development project. Basic purpose of software requirements specification is to bridge this communication gap. SRS is the media through which the client and user need are accurately specified; indeed SRS forms the basis of software development.
Another important purpose of developing an SRS is helping the client understand his or her own needs.
Advantages of SRS:
  • SRS establishes the basis for agreement between the client and the supplies on what the software product will do.
  • SRS provides a reference for validation of the final product.
  • High-quality SRS prerequisite to high quality software.
  • High-quality SRS reduces development cost.
Software Requirement Specification Document
Abstract: This Document describes the requirements for the EMS.
1.1 Purpose: The purpose of this document is to describe the external requirements for the application. It also describes the interface for the system.
1.2 Scope: This document is the only one that describes the requirements of the system. It is meant for use by the developer and will be the basis for validating the final delivered system. Any changes made to the requirements in the future will have to go through a formal change approval process. The developer is responsible for asking for clarification, where necessary and will not make any alterations without the permissions of client.
1.3 Developer’s responsibility overview:
The developer is responsible for
  • Developing the system.
  • Installing the software on the Client’s hardware.
  • Conducting any user training that might be needed for using the system.
  • Maintaining the system for a period of one year after installation.
Design Constraints:
Software Selection Constraints - For the development of Invoice Printing System I selected the following software to develop the project:
Operating System  :– Windows /XP /WIN7 /WIN8.
RDBMS (Back End Lang.):- SQL Server 2008.
Front End Language – Asp.Net
For this project I selected the custom-made software packages because of the following reasons:
  • They are quite cheap.
  • These packages are good that can get the system running quickly.
  • These custom packages can be tested before purchasing them.
  • “Home Grown” Software’s cost cannot be predicted and they can take more time.
  • Further these packages meet all the user requirements in all aspects.

Hardware Selection Constraints _ For the proposed system, the developer considers the hardware requirements which will be needed for this purpose I defined the system capabilities that make sense for the business. The magnitude of the problem also deter mines the hardware selection. I selected the packaged hardware for this project, which is as follow
Processor - Pentium III and above series and Celeron.
Memory - 512 MB or above
Hard disk - 40 GB or above
I considered the following points for the hardware selection-
  • Request for Proposal
  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Specifications
Technology Used :
Stands for "Active Server Page”, ASP.NET is a unified Web development model that includes the services necessary for you to build enterprise-class Web applications with a minimum of coding. ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework, and when coding ASP.NET applications you have access to classes in the .NET Framework. You can code your applications in any language compatible with the common language runtime (CLR), including Microsoft Visual Basic and C#. These languages enable you to develop ASP.NET applications that benefit from the common language runtime, type safety, inheritance, and so on.
ASP.Net works on top of the HTTP protocol and uses the HTTP commands and policies to set a browser-to-server two-way communication and cooperation.
ASP.Net is a part of Microsoft .Net platform. ASP.Net applications are Compiled codes, written using the extensible and reusable components or objects present in .Net framework. These codes can use the entire hierarchy of classes in .Net framework.
Database Design


Admin Home Page

EMS:-  This page is used to Fill data for print an invoice and items Detail filled By Admin.
  • The Home menu navigates the Home Page which Show the basic information about the Website.
  • The Registration menu Provide the two tab on the clicking on the particular menu its navigate the focus regard the selection option of the tab .there are two option
  • Customer Registration and    2.Employee Registration
  • The Third Menu Attendance which provide the Attendance mark and show attendance . it also provide two menu on the clicking particular menu we navigate on particular page .
  • The fourth option is Salary in the menu on the clicking the menu we navigate the Salary page and Maintain the salary information of the particular Employee
  • The Fifth menu is the Find Menu. This menu provide the searching option of the any Employee and customer information according to the Employee id and Customer id
  • The last Six Menu is the About us menu which provide the information about the company

Register Page:-

A).Customer Registration

  • This Form Provide the above information submission on this form that contains the customer information
  • field contain the customer id or no
  • The Name field contains the customer name field
  • The F_name field contains the customer father name
  • D.O.B field contains the date of birth of the Custumer
  • City, State, and Pin code contains the field the of address part
  • And the Submission button send the information on database to store

B).Employee Registration:-

This Form is used for Employee Registration that contains some of the field according the field

Register Page:-
Attendance  Page:-

A).attendance Mark  page :-

This page mark the attendance of the Employee that useful to calculate working days of
The Employee to calculate his salary

B).View Attendance page :-
This form show the attendance of the all employe acording to the selection date

Salary  Page:-

This page is to calculate the salary of the employee

Find custumer  Page:-

Find Employee Page:-

About  Page:-



Validation Checks
Validation refers to a set of activity that ensures that the software has been built is traceable to customer requirements. Through the validation technique we can check the value that we have filled, it can check whether we require integer or alphanumeric. It identifies that we are building the right product.  In other words validation succeeds when software functions in a manner that can be reasonably expected by the customer. Reasonable expectations are defined in software requirement specification that describes all user variable attribute of the software. The Requirement specification Document contains a section that is called validation criteria. Information contained in this section form a basis for the validation.

Validation focuses on the functional requirement of the software. Validation enables the software engineer to derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise all functional requirements for a program.

There are following validation checks which I have applied in IPS.
General validation-
Date should be in the format of “mm/dd/yyyy”.
Maximum length of all fields is set according to the size of database.


We have designed the given proposed system to automate the Invoice Printing of Goswami Engineering Works.

This project is useful for print the invoice. The admin can handle easily and also can manage the stock items details.

The following steps that give the detailed information of the need of proposed system are:

Performance:   During past process of printing the invoice it is complex to write the all information in invoice  in a business organization. This IP system makes easy to print the Invoice and can provide the facility to manage stock.

Efficiency:   The basic need of this software is efficiency. The software should be efficient so that whenever an admin makes changes in any part of information the database is updated directly and automatically. This record will be useful for other users(counsellor) instantly.

Control:  The complete control of the project is under the hands of authorized person i.e. Admin who has the password to access this project and illegal access is not supposed to deal with.

Security: Security is the main criteria for the proposed system. Since illegal access may corrupt the database. So security has to be given in this project.


Maintenance is the last and non-stop phase of software development life cycle. The programmer has to continually maintain the system during its life the requirement changes with the time spent and the programmer is responsible to update the system with new function and operations to meet the changed requirements.
Reasons for maintenance
Following are the reasons due to which maintenance is must in every software project
  • The software may turn obsolete due to environmental changes and it may call for modifications and enhancements for its effective use.
  • The requirements of the user changes over time so more functions are added to meet the new requirements.
  • A software does not wear out, it is corrected. In maintenance a software is repaired to improve its performance.
  • Previously defined problems are solved in maintenance and alterations are made.
  • There may be need to change the program functions. Here the programs are enhanced and modify to meet the changed versions and system requirements.
  • To perform the regular system checks and to ensure the system’s performance.
  • To adapt new hardware components. On the other hand, there may be a change in government rules regarding calculation of sales tax etc.This type of updating is performed in the maintenance phase.
  • When a user notices any error in the system, it is removed by the programmer later.

Maintenance for IPS-
For the maintenance purpose of this project I prepared a well documented coding which will be helpful to make the changes in it in future.
Further I followed the following keys to reduce the need of maintenance-
  • I prepared the system documentation in a better way.
  • I made the better use of existing tools and techniques.
  • I managed the system engineering process effectively.
  • I used more effective ways for designing processing logic and communicating it to the users.
  • I defined the user’s requirement accurately during system development.
Thus, maintenance demands more orientation and training then any other programming activities, especially for entry-level programmers.

Software Testing

Objective of Software Testing

The primary and larger objective of testing is to deliver quality software. Quality software is one that is devoid of errors and meets with a customers stated requirements.

If errors are found, then the software must be debugged to locate these errors in the various programs. Corrections are then made. The program must be tested once again after corrections have been implemented this time with an additional introduced any new errors elsewhere in the system.

Once all errors are found, then another objective must be accomplished that is to check whether or not the system is doing what it is supposed to do. So another aspect of testing is that it must also ensure that the system meets with user requirements.

Techniques of Testing- Software is tested from two different perspectives:

Internal program logic is exercised using “White Box” test case design technique. Software Requirements are exercised using “Black Box” test case design techniques. In both cases the intend is to find the maximum number of errors with the minimum amount of effort and time.

Different technique of testing under this category are –

Black-box Testing : This is a technique that assumed no knowledge of the internals of a software program. It focuses the attention of a tester on providing a certain input and getting the desired output. If the desired output is not go then error is reported and the system should be able to return back to its earlier status.

White-box Testing : This is done with the intention of determining whether or not all parts of a program code are executed. Test cases are designed to execute all paths of a loop, all branches in a decision, which ultimately leads to 100% execution of statements of statements in a program.

Software Testing strategy: A strategy for software testing integrates software test case design methods into a well-planned series of steps that results in the successful construction of software. Testing begins “from the small” and progress “to the large”. By this we mean that early testing focuses on a single component and white and black box testing are to uncover errors in program logic and function. After individual components are tested they must be integrated. Testing continues as the software is constructed. Finally. A series of high-order test are executed once the full program is operational. These test are required to uncover errors in requirements.

Unit Testing: Each component or part of the system is tested individually to verify that the detailed design for unit has been correctly implemented. This testing is usually done by the programmer himself and is verified by the per. Unit tests are conducted in and simulated environment and led by test driver programs.
For Example- I Performed the testing on the single components specially.

Integration Testing: Is carried out to find problems is the interfaces between assembled units/module in a system. The intent of such testing is to find discrepancies such as the mismatch in the definition of parameters between the calling and the called modules. The test is also carried out in a simulated environment.

Security Testing: This is an integrated from of testing which focuses on functionality, Security, Recovery, and restart feature of the system should also tested.
Stress testing: For this testing, we execute this application while the many other applications are running. This takes some time to load the application, but it works well once it is loaded.

Acceptance Testing: It is carried out with the sole purpose of determining whether
Or not the software meets with user requirement. In this kind of testing the test cases are created by the user and then performed by them too. Based on this testing the users accept or reject the system. Implementation phase of the project starts only if the users accept the system.

Boundary Value Analysis: The values, which lie at the edge of an equivalence partition, are called boundary values. A common programming error is to include the boundary value in an incorrect partition. It is therefore important that the boundary values are included in the test cases.

The System Testing for the “IPS” is performed at run time. The system gives appropriate message at run time if the user enters wrong data or does not enters data at all. The system also guides these users even if the data being entered is correct.

  • This project is designed to meet the requirements of Invoice Printing System. It has been developed in php, sql database keeping in mind the specifications of the system.

  • For designing the system we have used simple data flow diagrams.

  • Overall the project teaches us the essential skills like:

  • Using system analysis and design techniques like data flow diagram in designing the system.
  • Understanding the database handling and query processing.

In the development of the project “Invoice Printing System”, I studied the following references.

Software Engineering, by “BRESS MAN”.
An introduction to database system, “NAVATHE,”
Database system concepts, byKorth
Microsoft Programming Visual C# .Net, by “COMPLETE REFERENCE”

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