Publish Website On local Network Server IIs

How To Publish Website On local Network Server IIS

firstly you need to build your project then you need to create publish a profile of your project.
Here I am going to publish as a folder or in a directory then it will browse on a local network IIS 
that will be browse using their IIS  IP with the project name 

so first we are going to build the project and publish like this, go to solution explorer and then select project then right click on a project and then choose to publish 

in the publish option firstly you need to create Your publish profile by selecting your publish type 

Here we select publish profile type there are four option i will select folder option for local file 

publish on a folder and then choose folder or directory path where publish file saved And then for 

advance feature select advance link for the set more advanced feature and setting of the application

Then setting advance Option, Then click save

now update setting then you need to change profile default name to custom name 

now you have two option then you choose what you need rename or delete a profile, for rename choose rename option 

after choosing rename option you have another popup window will open where write your custom name and save it 
now the next step is finally to click publish button now check your output window show what output generated or see error window what error is occurred if everything completed success full then go to your network IIS server 

for host your site on or publish content host on IIS server of local server first login in your network server system remotely or physically Then Goto Start menu and write "IIS" for search IIS  server

Now your IIS will be opened and show the popup window now you go to the inside of default site

Now you need to add a new application setting where you publish your website

now your new popup window will show where you set your application setting like

here you can choose any unique name of the website in alias section and set application pool and choose the path of website content is located after file publish from visual studio. set their path and then test connection show one success and one warning. now its completed click on ok button
if Your website run successfully then its ok otherwise it will show something like this type of error

so it's a permission error in your publish content folder or directory so now setting up permission for different users of this site that serve it

right click on the application that you recently created and then allow there iis_users for access your site. then click on ok button and restart application like

and refresh browser if your site still not working then you need to set authentication setting. for it now you need to double click on the application and then choose authentication option and follow next steps. firstly disable

form authentication and basic authentication and impression will set disabled and other will enabled

now goes into window authentication section and set follow setting where popup will opened

Now setup NTLM at Top of your other provider and click on ok then restart the application and refresh your website your in the browser or click on browse link 

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